Rain-out Procedures and Rescheduling

Page last updated: May 13, 2004

The Northampton DPW is directly in charge of field maintenance, and has the option of calling off games prior to 3:30pm on weeknights, and 8:00am on the weekends. If games are cancelled, a notice will be left on their Cancellation Hotline: 587-1044, and WHMP 1400am/99.3fm will be notified. After 3:30pm or 8:00am respectively, it is our League's discretion whether to play or cancel games up until game time. Call the Daily Hampshire GazetteLine at 584-3200 and dial extension 4015 for a message from the league to see if the game has been called due to inclement weather or other unplayable conditions. If there is no cancellation message on the GazetteLine within an hour of game time, please arrive at the fields ready to play, as any cancellations after that time are at the discretion of the home plate umpire.

If a field is deemed unplayable by the DPW, then no one is allowed on them for practices or other purposes! The use of a wet field causes extra damage, adding to the burden already faced by the DPW in trying to maintain the 16 diamonds in the city.

The league will attempt to reschedule rained out games within two weeks; however, umpire and field availability sometimes come into play and other arrangements are made. In any case, all information regarding the rescheduling of games will be provided to your team's manager who is then responsible for disseminating the information to the rest of the team. Please wait for word from your team's manager and do not call League representatives for information.

If lightning is detected during a game, the safest place to seek shelter are in cars in the parking lot. Under trees, on the field, or in the dugouts are not safe areas if lightning is in the area. During a game, it is in the umpire's discretion to call a five to ten minute break in the action to see if the weather passes. If the event is severe, then the umpire will cancel or suspend the game. If you see lightning during a game, bring it to the umpire's attention immediately and instruct your players to seek shelter in cars until the threat passes.